Isolation Rooms in BC Schools

We want to believe that our schools look after our children as carefully as we look after them ourselves.  So the recent revelation about a “special-needs” child being placed in an Isolation Room comes as a shock. There is outrage and disgust. Visit our Multimedia Page to watch the CTV coverage of this incident.

These rooms are sometimes called Quiet Rooms or Calming Rooms, but some are described as just windowless closets. Apparently they are common here in beautiful BC.   There are reports that the little boy in the incident getting media attention was “acting out” and that’s why he was isolated.  All children act out at times.  What’s to prevent your child from being placed in an Isolation Room?

When we lived in Ontario, one of my daughters came home from elementary school and told me that her teacher had taped up the mouth of one of the children in the class who was noisy.  I was outraged, but when I tried to find out more from the teacher and the Vice-Principal, I was stone-walled.  The teacher was eventually moved to another school. The matter was swept under the rug.  I never expected this to happen in our local school. More should have been done.

Our goal on this website is to support advocacy for gifted children.  But we cannot ignore the safety and well-being of all children because, as my personal experience shows, the unthinkable can often happen.  So here’s a small step you can take: Ask your child’s teacher whether there is an Isolation Room in the school.  If there is, there are a lot more questions you can ask.


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