Thanks to Teachers of Gifted

I spent today at the conference organized by the Association of Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children in BC (AEGTCCBC).  I forgot to thank them, so I thought I’d do it now.

In my experience, teachers of bright and able children are usually very bright and able themselves. When you are a teacher, it can be daunting to know that students can out-think you.  But teachers of these exceptional children thrive on the challenge of producing innovative programs and curricula to stimulate and encourage students who often feel out-of-step with others.

A big part of the job is advocating for gifted children. These teachers usually do that quietly, acting within the constraints of reduced budgets and dwindling school board efforts to identify the gifted. But their eyes light up when they describe the children with whom they work, and that light only fades when they have to explain the limitations they face in time and resources.

My hope in building this website is that I can add my voice to the message from other advocates for gifted education.  Each child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow at school and we are not doing enough for the highly able.  However, the teachers of those children are doing everything they can, so I thank them for their commitment and dedication. Surgite!

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