Bright Minds Needed to Eradicate Terrorism

It will take extraordinary effort by legions of bright minds to eliminate terrorism. It will take those same minds to bring peace to the world.

The events in Paris in the past twenty-four hours have left us all shaken.  For a long time now, whenever catastrophic events happen, I have asked myself what I can do.  Me, myself.  The idea that we should “think globally, act locally” has come into popularity as we are more connected worldwide.  There are things we can all do in our own circles of influence to promote peace and harmony.  For example, I just phoned one of my family members, a data analyst, to encourage her to focus on these huge problems. That’s not direct action on my part, but supporting those who can take action is important too.

So we need to act to support the bright minds I mentioned at the start.  Not only by nurturing them directly, but by doing the behind-the-scenes advocacy that will bring the systemic resources and funding that are sorely needed for the gifted.

Our BC education system promises support all children. However, it is well-documented that gifted children do not receive enough of that support.  We must find out how the funding models can be changed to give those exceptional children, along with all other exceptional young people, what they need to thrive and excel.  While the main goal must be to ensure that all individuals achieve their own full potential, we must also recognize that we need a collective of self-actualized, innovative people working together to bring peace.  What are you doing to help that happen?

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