What is Parent Advocacy?

For an initiative like ours, that has Advocacy as the first word in the banner of the website, the question What is Advocacy? poses an ongoing challenge.  We will offer various definitions for consideration as the days pass, and you are welcome to send yours to information@giftedbc.ca

One of the books published by Great Potential Press, and listed on our new Bibliography page is Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children written by Barbara Jackson Gilman. Her entire book is dedicated to exploring and describing advocacy on behalf of the gifted, so let’s pluck out some of her conclusions about parent advocates.

Gilman states that: “Parent advocates need to be more than casual observers…” She points out that: “their advocacy continues for the many years of their child’s education, with no guarantee of success.”  Gilman declares a “Call to Arms” for parents and other advocates because of the opposition they will face, saying:

Advocates for gifted students face charges of elitism within a society that is not sure whether it wants to nurture its more capable members or submit them to an egalitarian levelling process.

Gilman’s book emphasizes that parent advocacy begins with gathering information, preparation, understanding the nature of your child’s unique giftedness, and finding support for each step along the way. That’s what this website is all about.



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