Few References to Gifted in Insider’s Guide

This is a good resource for Canadian parents who are new to British Columbia, and immigrants arriving in BC from across the globe.  Education systems vary significantly from province to province in Canada so the Insider’s Guide to K-12 Education in BC provides a good overview of our system.  It has been added to the Bibliography page.

But what did the authors say about gifted children? Almost nothing.When I saw that the book was an “Insider’s Guide” I expected in-depth, behind-the-scenes advice from the three authors, two Principals and a VP in BC schools, on a variety of topics. I was very disappointed by the lack of information about programs for the gifted.

Of course, in only 117 pages plus notes and references, it’s not possible to discuss everything that parents want to know. But apart from references to elementary Challenge programs, multi-age cluster classes and some independent schools, there is little to guide parents of under-achieving bright students.

Most surprizing was the section on Special Needs, which makes no mention of the special needs of the gifted.  I am left wondering whether this book, published in the same year as the new BC curriculum, foreshadows the lack of provision for the gifted children in BC.  I have a lot of questions.




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