BC New Curriculum #2: Anything new for Gifted?

Developing an entirely new curriculum for the entire province of British Columbia is quite an undertaking, and the government is to be applauded for such an enormous initiative.

There are many, many documents which explain the redesign process and provide information for parents and the teachers who must implement the new curriculum.  In the search for references to the gifted, I am reviewing those document as systematically as I can.  I’m curious to know whether there is anything new for gifted children.  I thought this would be a good place to look:

Curriculum Redesign: What’s New? What’s the Same?

This eleven-slide presentation addresses the “what” of the new curriculum. It covers the main subject areas, including science, math, French and so on.  However, it doesn’t explain how the subject areas will be presented to the gifted and highly able children. Those children may have a mental age decades ahead of their peers.  For example, they may have already discovered “the joy of reading and literature”, an example of “new” in the new curriculum. What then?


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