BC’s New Curriculum #3

Key elements of the new curriculum are the Core Competencies:

  • Communication
  • Thinking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Critical Thinking
  • Personal and Social
    • Positive Personal and Cultural Identity
    • Personal Awareness and Responsibility
    • Social Responsibility

Profiles are provided to illustrate the competencies, and they show that a lot of work has been done to produce very interesting examples. Some will call them ambitious. We are told that:

“The set of profiles are descriptions of students as they progress to sophisticated stages of competency.”

The search continues for an explanation of how exceptional children, including the gifted and those with special needs, such as learning disabilities and autism, will achieve those sophisticated stages of competency. There is also a question about how each classroom  teacher will find the time, energy and imagination to be able to help each child achieve the  core competencies.


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