Grouping Gifted Students Together

There is ongoing debate about whether gifted students benefit from being grouped together.  Today we added an annotated reading to this website, titled Six Guidelines for Grouping Gifted and Talented Learners.  The first guideline states, unequivocally:

Students who are academically or intellectually gifted and talented should spend the majority of their school days with others of similar abilities and interests.

We hear statements like this all the time.  But the reading we have posted shows that this conclusion is based on sound, extensive research  by Dr. Karen Rogers.

When provincial education policies are developed, they are based on recommendations by teams of experienced teachers, administrators and researchers.  If parents are advocating for different approaches for their children, it’s important that they also base their arguments on research, not just family experiences and conversations with other parents.  Dr. Rogers’ research is an excellent example of the kind of information that should be presented to school districts, to help them make decisions about programs for gifted.

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