Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

We have finally got around to adding a link to Hoagies’ on our Websites page.  Founded in 1997 as just a single page of information, it presently stands at 400 pages and growing.

Carolyn K., the founder of the site describes Hoagies’ as “a labor of love”. Of course, in Canada, that would be a “labour” of love:-)  She began the page, surely one of the earliest websites ever, because she and her husband were “persona-non-gratis with the school district.”  The reason? They were advocating for their gifted child.  She adopted an old nickname of her husband’s to conceal their real identity, and started to gather resources.

It’s taken a while to add this important website because we’ve been focussing on issues and resources in British Columbia.  However, Hoagies’ is inspiring and full of wonderful ideas. Visit it at: www.hoagiesgifted.org/

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