Advocacy Workshops for Parents of Gifted

By the time they reach three or four, the ability of some children to reason, calculate and create is more advanced and out of sync with their age group.  As those children prepare to enter the public school system, the disparities between them and their chronological peers may become even more distinct.  Parents frequently have to start advocating for programs and teaching methods that will meet the needs of these exceptional children.

Parents of all children have to intervene regularly on their behalf, no matter what their abilities or needs.  However, parents of children who are called gifted need to advocate in the face of opposition. Most people support the idea of special programs for children who are physically or mentally challenged. Far fewer agree that “gifted” children need specialized help because, after all, they are gifted. Parent advocacy is more difficult when society assumes that children already have everything they need to succeed in life. That’s why advocacy for gifted children has to be strategic. We can help with that.

Our workshops on strategic advocacy are being offered in the upcoming months. We’re in Colwood and Sydney on Vancouver Island in March and April, and in Langley in May. Details are on on our Events page.

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