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What do parents want from a parent conference?

I left the Vancouver Island Parent Conference wondering why parents go to a parent conference about education. Perhaps things have changed for parents. Perhaps parenting nowadays means something different.  When my children were in school I wanted information and explanations. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Upcoming VIPC Conference, Feb. 27th

Listed on my Events page is the announcement about the annual Vancouver Island Parent Conference this coming Saturday, February 27th. This will be the first time I have attended, so I’m looking forward to it. The conference is entitled Launching the … Continue reading

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Do parents need to be advocates?

Trish is a dedicated mother of a gifted child and she has shared information and ideas with me.  The last time we had coffee together, I was explaining the workbook that I will be using in the upcoming parent workshops on Strategic … Continue reading

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Reflections on GCABC/LMGC Conference

As my post of a few days ago announced, the Gifted Children’s Association of BC and the  Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts hosted a conference on Feb. 17th in Coquitlam. I attended, along with more than 100 parents and teachers, and … Continue reading

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The importance of parent groups

Parents of children who exhibit the behaviours and characteristics of giftedness often do not know where to turn for advice and help.  They may learn early on that it is risky to talk openly about the ways in which their … Continue reading

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Anticipating the Parent Conference Feb. 17th

Our Events Page lists a conference for parents in Coquitlam this Wednesday, Feb. 17th. This annual conference is entitled Parents as Partners and information is listed on the website of the Gifted Children Association of British Columbia.  GCABC is collaborating again … Continue reading

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Looking for Gifted Programs in School District 62 in BC

  As announced on the Events page, I am hosting a parent workshop on March 5th in School District 62.  As a result, I have been looking into what programs the district provides for students whose cognitive functioning exceeds the norm for their age … Continue reading

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Strategic Advocacy for Your Gifted Child

If you live in British Columbia’s Greater Victoria Region, join us on Saturday, March 5th, for a workshop that is designed to help parents become more strategic about advocating for children who are being described as gifted. The advocacy role is … Continue reading

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AHA?  That’s Advocacy for High Ability Learners.   Based in Kansas, this organization has been providing workshops (AHA Moments!) for many years in number of States. Based on the content on their website, they have developed many presentations to address … Continue reading

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Education in Canada

As we know, education in Canada is a provincial/territorial responsibility.  That means that policies, values and funding vary across the country. That can be problematic and sometimes inequitable. However, the Canadian Education Association attempts to bring a pan-Canadian perspective to what … Continue reading

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