Equitable Access to Education

Yes, of course. Equitable Access is what we want for all children.  But the creators of the website by that name have come right out and said it.  Visit BC Parents of Special Needs Children to see how they have approached the issues.

The founders of this organization are to be applauded. It is refreshing to see the straightforward way in which they name the problems without hesitating to reference documents such as Canada’s Supreme Court rulings and Human Rights legislation.  They are unflinching in their demands for equitable treatment for the special needs children for whom they advocate.  They set an example in many ways.

For example, they conduct research in order to present recommendations based on data, rather than on hearsay or conjecture.  Based on survey responses from 236 parents, a report was written entitled: Are BC Public Schools Forcing Students with Special Needs Out?

Perhaps my favourite document on the website is an Open Letter to the BC Minster of Education written in June after he announced that $150,000 in scholarship money was being given to 120 international students. The reaction? The authors of the letter provide the Minister with 120 other ways that money might have been spent, both on children with special needs and on the BC education system in general.  The letter shows courage, innovation and honesty. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that a new Minister was announced just a couple of months after the letter was written?

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