Education in Canada

As we know, education in Canada is a provincial/territorial responsibility.  That means that policies, values and funding vary across the country. That can be problematic and sometimes inequitable.

However, the Canadian Education Association attempts to bring a pan-Canadian perspective to what is going on across the country.  Its website is full of articles and research reports, and it hosts events to bring educators together. The Board of Directors and Council include representatives from every corner of Canada, and the members are also widely-representative of individual, institutions and organizations. Does this association have anything to offer you?

A search of the website will show what has been written about giftedness, and one example is an article in their magazine, Education Canada, about twice-exceptional children entitled: A Puzzling Paradox.  It’s encouraging to know that people right across Canada are reading about this issue.

If you like the idea of joining a country-wide conversation, sign up for bulletins, or even become a member.  Education may be funded and administered separately in every part of Canada, but perhaps there is a way of sustaining a collective vision.

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