AHA?  That’s Advocacy for High Ability Learners.   Based in Kansas, this organization has been providing workshops (AHA Moments!) for many years in number of States. Based on the content on their website, they have developed many presentations to address various aspects of giftedness and the students they call High Ability Learners.

Although I admire the work they are doing, I have a little difficulty with the term High Ability Learners…

Many of the children we describe as gifted have high potential, but I’ll suggest that not all of them have high ability.  From my perspective, ability has an element of performance about it.  It implies that these children must demonstrate their intelligence, not just possess it. And we know that their ability is often lessened by boredom or a learning disability.  However, not all dictionaries agree with my interpretation, and there may be parents who disagree with me too.

So I’ll end by saying that the part of the AHA website I like best is the list of Myths About Gifted and I’m sure those will resonate.

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