Strategic Advocacy for Your Gifted Child

If you live in British Columbia’s Greater Victoria Region, join us on Saturday, March 5th, for a workshop that is designed to help parents become more strategic about advocating for children who are being described as gifted.

The advocacy role is not a comfortable one for most parents.  If you are one of those, who is tentative and anxious about how to approach your child’s teacher or other school personnel, then this two-hour workshop should help you to strategize.  Wondering why this is important?

There are many challenges facing parents of “gifted”.  For example, the “G” word is problematic and often brings accusations of elitism that make it difficult to discuss your child’s needs openly. The workshop will lead you through a set of steps, with the goal of making you more knowledgeable and confident before you sit down for that important conversation in the school.

If you have already started the discussion but you have encountered resistance, and emotions have come into play, our time together will help you to re-frame the issues and approach things in a more business-like way.

There needs to be a wider recognition that these “gifted” children are actually young people whose cognitive development has out-paced the norms for their chronological age. That may cause many problems for them, particularly if they also have a learning disability.  However, in the right environment, engaging with an innovative teacher and peers with the same potential, school can be a wonderfully exciting experience with many positive outcomes.  If you agree, register here for the session on March 5th, or plan to join us for a future workshop.

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