Looking for Gifted Programs in School District 62 in BC


As announced on the Events page, I am hosting a parent workshop on March 5th in School District 62.  As a result, I have been looking into what programs the district provides for students whose cognitive functioning exceeds the norm for their age peers: the so-called “gifted.”

 According to SD62 website, there are approximately 9,200 students in the district, commonly known as Sooke School District. If we agree with the commonly accepted statistic that 2% of the general population is usually identified as gifted then, conceivably, there are  184 of those exceptional children in School District 62. What programs are available for them?

A glance at the map of SD 62 shows that it stretches along the bottom of Vancouver Island, from east of Colwood to Port Renfrew in the west.  The drive from Victoria to Sooke is largely rural, and the map shows that some areas of the district have no schools, particularly between Sooke and Port Renfrew. Provision of programs in large rural areas is always a challenge.

On the SD 62 website, there is a page that refers to Gifted and PACE programs. Are parents satisfied that these programs are enough?  I also see that the district hosts Academies. These are for students who have a passion for sports such as hockey and soccer. I can’t see an academy for the children who have a passion for mind sports.












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