Advocacy Workshop: Saturday, March 5

A couple of days ago I was critical of the parent conference I attended. It occurred to me that I should explain my own approach to working with parents, specifically in my upcoming workshop on Saturday.

First of all, I will be explaining the expected outcomes, so that participants know what will be covered in the workshop. When they have some milestones it’s easier to know whether the session has reached its goal.  Note that the outcomes are all stated as actions that attendees should be able to complete when they walk away:

  • Recognize some definitions of advocacy
  • Describe your own view of advocacy
  • List the reasons for wanting to advocate for your child(ren)
  • Name actors in the education system and government who are potential partners in advocacy
  • Find aids that will help in advocacy
  • Identify barriers to advocacy
  • Write a personalized framework for strategic advocacy for your child(ren)
  • Catalogue resources

As to the format and content of the workshop, it is divided into five sets of questions: focussing on the child described as gifted, defining parent advocacy, considering the education system, analyzing special needs and developing a personalized advocacy plan. As we work through the questions, the discussion among the parents will be invaluable, and prepared handouts will underpin the conversation.

There are a few spaces left in this small group session, so use the link on the Welcome page to register if you’d like to join us.


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