Special Needs Advocacy Conference, Sat. April 2nd

The conference on Advocating for Special Needs Children in BC Schools has been listed on our Events page for months, and it promises to be a remarkable event.  The last blog we posted on this site focussed on the importance of parents working together and this upcoming conference is a fine example of just that.

As discussed repeatedly, there are many concerns about the BC policies and practices that affect children described as gifted, but those concerns extend to all of the children who are designated as having a variety of special needs. A particular worry is that the early documents and presentations about changing policies, as highlighted on our page about  BC’s new curriculum, do not contain any details about programming for children with special needs. What steps can we take together?

The advocacy conference on Saturday may help us answer that question.  To borrow a word from our children, the Speaker’s List is truly “awesome”, and includes lawyers, politicians, parents and teachers.  As you can see from the topics, this promises to be a hard-hitting, no-nonsense look at what needs to be done across the province to advocate for children with special needs, including the 2% of the population described as gifted.

The organizers of the conference founded the Equitable Access to Education in 2015, to provide information to BC parents of special needs children.  Those founders are a remarkable group of highly experienced and qualified women, and I have been watching their outstanding work since last year.

As I write, there are only 9 tickets remaining for the conference so register now!  I look forward to seeing you there but, if you can’t make it,  please come back and read my upcoming blog posts about the event.






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