Parents advocate to save Vancouver gifted programs

There have been several public initiatives, at least, to address the proposed elimination of gifted programs in Vancouver School District.

  • According to an article in Vancouver’s Metro free paper, parents of gifted held a rally at Vancouver Technical School on April 12th.
  • The Parent Advocates for Gifted Education in Schools (PAGES) have a BC chapter which has a Facebook Page, and its focus at present is on the Vancouver programs for gifted which face elimination. Make sure you are logged on to FB to access this.
  • There is an initiative underway to revive the Vancouver chapter of the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia, energized by the proposed cutbacks in gifted programs.  Contact GCABC to find out more about this.

No doubt there are many more individual and group activities occurring across the region, to try and explain how important it is for children described as gifted to be clustered together with a teacher who can respond to their needs.

Many parents use all their energy trying to advocate for their own children. However, the Vancouver situation illustrates why it is important to advocate at a provincial level too.


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