AGM for GCABC on May 7th

The Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia is holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 7th at Choice School in Richmond, 1 – 4 pm.

The GCABC has suffered a decline in its membership in recent years, so this is an opportunity to support them.  A probable cause is the fact that fewer children are being formally identified as gifted, and fewer activities for this population of children has resulted in lower parent involvement.  Parents are the backbone of the GCABC, and it’s hard to run a provincial organization without a lot of parent volunteers.

The AGM will have will have a keynote address by P. Susan Jackson, entitled:

Resilient, calm and deeply engaged: 27 strategies to promote optimal well-being in our brilliant, intense, and asynchronous kids.

In addition there will be a presentation on BC’s New Curriculum and how it applies to gifted learners by Gordon Li, Ministry of Education, Director of Learning Technologies and District Outreach.  There has been very little discussion of the impact of the New Curriculum on children described as gifted, so I’ll suggest it’s worth attending the AGM just for this presentation.

To find out more about the agenda, and order tickets, click here.



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