Springtime Review of IEPs

This is the time of year when students are preparing for graduation.  Anticipation is also beginning to grow about the next school year.  And parents can play a role in preparing for next September by reviewing the existing IEP and asking for a school meeting if revisions are needed.

This is the focus of a recent blog posted by the BC Parents of Special Needs Children.  The posting was made by Cathie Camley, a woman who has made a remarkable contribution to special needs children and the winner of the Queen’s golden Jubilee Medal for her volunteer contributions in the field of special education.

The article reminds us that reviews of IEPs are mandatory, and this is an ideal time to review the expectations of your child and the school for the fall.  Cathie also provides a lot of tips to help your child transition to a new school, including the suggestion that practising using a lock might save embarrassment at the lockers!

Cathie’s article is well-worth reading. You will find it at:

Getting Ready for a New School Year: Spring is the Time to Prepare

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