New School Year; New Curriculum

British Columbia children are back in school.  Teachers are back at work.  And I’m back to posting on this blog site.

As my spring posted announced, I wanted to take a break to digest what I have been doing with Gifted BC.  I’ve had a busy summer and I have decided how to approach the issue of children described as gifted.

As readers will know, I spent the last school year looking for people and resources who could help parents to advocate for their children.  I explored a lot of issues and I will re-post some past blog entries from time to time.  However, I discovered that there were a few barriers to being engaged with all the people and materials. I’m going to approach things differently.

The main challenge is that I’m a grandparent, not a parent.  That means, I’m not eligible to attend a lot of meetings, and it has been difficult to find out what is happening in the schools. I’ve appreciated the information passed on by activist parents, but I’m at a disadvantage in trying to get answers first-hand.  This means that my observations, criticisms and recommendations have not been as grounded as they might be.

So I’m going to step back from the critic role and focus on researching and passing on information about the school districts…without editorial comment!  I hope that will help parents to connect with each other in their own towns and across the province, so that they can find ways to advocate together .  I hope this will also help various associations and parent groups who don’t know what’s happening at a provincial level. As Hillary Clinton keeps saying: We’re stronger together. Please stay tuned.


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