BC School District 5

As I’ve said before, I am curious about what is happening to help children described as gifted across the province of British Columbia. Even though they find it difficult, parents in major centres such as Vancouver and Victoria manage to find each other and support each other in advocating. However, I’d like to find out how parents and children fare in smaller centres.

In 1946, the BC Ministry of Education created 79 school districts from the previous 650. The were numbered and named at that time. However, in 1996, the number of school districts was further reduced to 59, by clustering the districts and eliminating some numbers. So the numbering now begins with School District #5, South East Kootenay: www.sd5.bc.ca

Without knowing anyone in that distract, it’s difficult for me to understand how the gifted children are served.  However, the district website should have links that give indications and I invite you to look.  Two things stand out for me:

  1. The school district has a link that explains its advocacy.  Although I couldn’t find anything specifically related to gifted children, I was encouraged by the letter written to the Premier and Ministers, protesting the lack of funding for education.
  2. School District #5 also has the following statement about Special Needs Children, but it does not appear to address the needs of gifted children: Student Services

Please contact us if you have information or questions about programs for gifted in School District #5:




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