BC School District 6 – Rocky Mountain

British Columbia is large and the population is dispersed, and over the months we are providing a glimpse into each of BC’s 57 school districts.  This time we focus on SD 6, which is named for its main geographic feature.

The history is that in 1946, the existing 650 school districts were reduced to 79, and in 1996 a further consolidation reduced the number to 57.  As part of that change, SD 6 emerged through an amalgamation of Districts 3 Kimberley, 4 Windermere and 18 Golden.

The website for School District 6 is colourful and interesting, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a Search tool, so it’s difficult to find information about programs to support children described as gifted. We invite you to look for yourselves.

There are just 14 schools in this district, three of which are secondary, and the others are elementary, primary (K-3) or Gr. 4 – 7. Not surprisingly, there is a great emphasis on the great outdoors and also aboriginal education. Attention is also paid to International Education.

This school board does not make overt reference to the New Curriculum that teachers were required to implement in September this year, although there may be comments embedded in SD documents and Minutes of SD meetings.  Among the SD policies, is the Policy on Special Education, which was originally created in 2005 and apparently updated and adopted on 01.04.10, presumably Jan. 4th, 2010.  There needs to be a more recent update to explain to parents how children with special needs will be accommodated in the New Curriculum.

If you are a parent with children in SD6, please send information about developments in your district to information@giftedbc.ca


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