A Humanist Questions BC’s Curriculum

Most of the questions about the BC Curriculum  introduced across the province in September this year have come from parents and educators.  Parents of children described as gifted, and parents of other exceptional children wondered for months about the implications of the changes. We have captured some of the discussion on this site under our page about BC’s New Curriculum.

However, the other day I came across a comment from an unexpected source: the Humanist Association.  One of the foundational beliefs of Humanism is that religion does not belong in public schools.  But it seems many Humanists are interested in the quality of the education system in general.

Victoria’s Secular Humanist Association announce regular meetings for those who share their beliefs and when they met earlier this month, they discussed a letter sent on Nov. 8th to the BC Ministry of Education.

If you take a few minutes to read the letter you can see that it asks reasoned and reasonable questions…questions that any of us might ask about what is happening in the school  Let’s watch for a reply from the Minister.



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