How to Help?

As 2017 kicks off, I’m wondering what we can do to help the children who are described as gifted.

Some of us have these bright young people in our families and we can personally offer assistance.  We can enrich their lives through activities and by providing resources.  We can be responsive to their thirst to learn and we can take them to meet with like-minded learners. Above all we can show affection and reassurance when they reveal their anxiety, or their frustration when their abilities have to be masked to fit in.

But what about those children who don’t have family support and guidance. How do we get help for them?  For the past fifteen years, school programs for the gifted in British Columbia  have almost ceased to exist.  Teachers who are knowledgeable in ways to help these children learn are now few and far between.  While the provincial government boasts of a surplus of billions of dollars in the coffers, parents are desperate to find resources for their children.

I had a phone call yesterday from one of those parents.  After following out-dated information on the Ministry of Education website, she had reached a dead end, and only found this website accidentally, through her mother.  We talked for a while and I gave her some background information and some suggestions for contacts.  But I wasn`t able to tell her how to find a wealth of resources and support for her children. I wasn`t able to reassure her that she would find a selection of good programs.  I wasn`t able to tell her that the gifted children in this province have access to the same kind of care and attention as children with other exceptionalities.

But I think she appreciated being able to talk to someone about her children and the challenges they would be facing.  I think I helped a bit.  I may be able to help others too, so I`ll keep this website going, add to it as often as I can, share resources I find, and keep looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.



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