Information from VCPAC

As I’ve mentioned frequently, it’s difficult to get information about what’s happening with gifted education.  But, although it’s not necessarily directly focussed on the children that are the focus of this website, one very helpful resource is the weekly newsletter from the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC).

This confederation is the co-ordinating organization for the school PACs in the greater Victoria region on Vancouver Island. Although I have sometimes mentioned that the role of PACs is not always clear, and the way they view their mandate varies from school to school, the VCPAC “snips” newsletter is worth reading.

For example, each week it lists school district information sessions held in various schools.  This week’s newsletter has an announcement about a free parent session on Parenting Teens Through Hard Times which focus on helping them deal with  difficult life transitions, grief, and loss related to all areas of the teenage world.  It is facilitated by Shauna Janz, M.A, on Jan 23rd, 6:30 – 8:30 at the Youth Centre at 345 Wale Road.

So, if you’re looking for general information about education in and around Victoria, announcements about parent events,  and sometimes issues that affect education across BC, consider subscribing to the free newsletter. Have it pop into your Inbox weekly! Details of how to subscribe on the front page of the VCPAC website.

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