Vancouver Island Parent Conference

My last post questioned what was happening on Vancouver Island for the children we are calling gifted.  Perhaps the Vancouver Island Parent Conference will provide more answers this year.

I attended the conference last year and was disappointed that there was almost nothing for the parents of exceptional children.  My posting at the time criticized the conference for not addressing substantive issues.  I pondered whether parents could be so easily satisfied with a conference that was mainly designed to make them laugh and feel good.

I hope things are different this year.  The Conference Poster shows that one of the presentations is on How to Grow a Child’s Brain, which suggests some attention is being paid to cognitive development.  However, we need to ask whether any attention is being paid to the children whose brains are developed well beyond the norms for their physical stage or age.

I’m not attending the conference this year.  I hope that anyone who does attend can let me know whether there was anything presented for the parents of exceptional children.  I spoke to an organizer last year and suggested there be a table for pamphlets by the various parent associations that advocate for the exceptional learners.  I’m not confident that anyone paid attention.  I’d be happy to hear I’m wrong:

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