Restored Bargaining Rights for Teachers

The big news this weekend is that the teacher bargaining rights that were stripped in 2002 by the Liberal government have now been restored, subject to teacher ratification.  There’s a lot of legalize, but I doubt whether any teachers will turn down these hard-won rights to bargain for smaller classrooms, school libraries, special-needs support, and so on.

What astounds me is that this had to go to the Supreme Court which sided with the teachers and forced the provincial government to restore these rights.  How much did that all cost, exactly?  What is of particular interest to us, is what the BCTF President,  Glen Hansman has to say.

Hansman says:

“Now, which this tentative agreement achieves, teachers will see full restoration of our working conditions. If ratified, schools right across BC will see smaller classes, more specialists like counsellors, special education teachers, and learning assistance teachers, and more support for children with special needs.”

I just checked the BC Ministry of Education and there’s no statement from the Minister or the Premier yet.  I encourage you to keep checking.

Our eternal question is, how much attention will be the paid to the children with ACD (Asynchronous Cognitive Development/Gifted).  Let’s watch and see. Or perhaps that’s something you’d like to email the Minister?

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