Gifted Children’s Assoc. BC Conference

This is the time to sign up for the 2017 Conference and AGM of the Gifted Children’s Association of BC.  It will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, May 6th at Choice School, Richmond.  You can take your exceptional child, and it’s a good chance to see the school at the same time. Choice has a program which provides a nurturing environment and it’s well worth investigating.

I encourage you to go to the Conference and AGM for a couple of reasons, at least.  In the first place, it’s a chance to hear about some of the research in the field from Dr. Marion Porath.  Marion is Professor Emirita at UBC, and has fought hard to ensure that the courses on teaching gifted children remain part of the Faculty of Education’s offerings.

Also, Maureen McDermid, a long-time GCABC board member and strong advocate will be bringing us up to speed on what’s happening over policy and implementation at the school district/provincial level.  Good information to have just before an election.

However, probably my strongest reason for advocating for attendance at the meeting is to help GCABC build its grass roots.  With the severe drop in identified gifted children since 2002, it’s been hard for parents to find each other for mutual support and advocacy.  The Board of GCABC has tried to keep things afloat with very few funds, and without the resources to do much outreach across the provinces.  With more money and more willing hand, that can be changed.

Information and registration details on my Events Page.  Hope to see you on May 6th!

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