Excellent Presentation at GCABC Meeting

I attended the AGM for the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia last week and appreciated the organization of the board, and the hospitality of Choice School.

There was an excellent presentation by Maureen McDermid, a long-time GCABC board member and advocate for the children we’re describing as gifted.  Maureen has other descriptors she uses, and I’ll discuss those in a future post.

Maureen’s presentation focused on “BC’s New Curriculum and what it means for gifted learners”.  I was encouraged because, provided the teachers can make some shifts in their approach to working with their classes, they will be able to create a more supportive and positive environment for “gifted” children, as well as others.

Of course, we must recognize that many teachers have always encouraged critical thinking, and paid attention to the process of learning, not just imparting facts.  However, the model that has been taught in teachers’ colleges for decades places teachers at the head of the class as the expert.  With luck, that will change.

Rather than try to explain the points that she made in her presentation, I will link to Maureen’s Presentation, which the GCABC kindly put on its website.  Take a moment to look at it and then think about questions you can ask your child’s teacher at the next parent-teacher meeting.

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