About This Site

Dr. Elizabeth Wallace is developing this website for parents, teachers, students and anyone seeking to understand the needs of children described as gifted, talented and bright. Elizabeth began her career in education as an elementary school teacher in Ontario.  Out of that experience came a commitment to advocating for alternative approaches for supporting learners.


As part of the journey, Elizabeth earned a Master’s degree and a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto/OISE, and has taught at both the college and university level. She moved to British Columbia in 2003 to take up a position at Simon Fraser University and five years later joined the University of British Columbia.

Elizabeth’s interest in helping the gifted and was triggered as she was raising her three daughters. She founded a branch of the Association for Bright Children in Ontario when she lived there, and her interest has been re-ignited by the birth of her four grandchildren in British Columbia. She plays with them all regularly and considers herself an expert in Lego, strange bugs, computer games and Disney  princesses!

Building this website is one step towards advocacy, and Elizabeth is pleased to make this resource freely available. She welcomes suggestions and feedback. She is also available to  make presentations to advocacy groups across BC. Please contact: