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Feeding a Whale with Grass

Elizabeth Meckstroth is credited for this widely appreciated quote: If we were TV sets, some of us would only get five channels. Others are wired for cable (the general population) and some of us (the gifted) are hooked up to … Continue reading

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Grouping Gifted Students Together

There is ongoing debate about whether gifted students benefit from being grouped together.  Today we added an annotated reading to this website, titled Six Guidelines for Grouping Gifted and Talented Learners.  The first guideline states, unequivocally: Students who are academically or … Continue reading

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Few References to Gifted in Insider’s Guide

This is a good resource for Canadian parents who are new to British Columbia, and immigrants arriving in BC from across the globe.  Education systems vary significantly from province to province in Canada so the Insider’s Guide to K-12 Education in BC … Continue reading

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Challenge Program for Gifted

Inspiring. Listening to four articulate high school students explain the many ways in which they have benefitted from the Challenge program for the Gifted, Creative and Talented filled me with joy and hope.  This is exactly what learning should be about. 

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