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Adults who fear to identify themselves as gifted

I’ve been thinking a lot about children described as gifted who have grown up to be adults who  live out their lives cloaked. Modesty is still a virtue in modern society so most gifted adults don’t want to appear immodest by … Continue reading

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Reflections on GCABC/LMGC Conference

As my post of a few days ago announced, the Gifted Children’s Association of BC and the  Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts hosted a conference on Feb. 17th in Coquitlam. I attended, along with more than 100 parents and teachers, and … Continue reading

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Education in Canada

As we know, education in Canada is a provincial/territorial responsibility.  That means that policies, values and funding vary across the country. That can be problematic and sometimes inequitable. However, the Canadian Education Association attempts to bring a pan-Canadian perspective to what … Continue reading

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Grouping Gifted Students Together

There is ongoing debate about whether gifted students benefit from being grouped together.  Today we added an annotated reading to this website, titled Six Guidelines for Grouping Gifted and Talented Learners.  The first guideline states, unequivocally: Students who are academically or … Continue reading

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Researching this thing called Giftedness

The “G” word is problematic.  It leads to labelling children, it raises the spectre of elitism, and it implies that highly able learners are all the same.  But it’s widely used and recognized and it appears repeatedly in government policy documents. What to … Continue reading

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