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Educators of Gifted in BC

The teachers of children described as gifted and talented employed by school districts are few in number.  However, they have an association (AEGTCCBC)  to support each other and the children in the province. Their annual conference is open to parents … Continue reading

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Vancouver Trustees Reject Budget

A short while ago, I posted a question: Will Vancouver cut gifted programs?  A dramatic “No”  came a few days ago when the Vancouver trustees refused to pass the budget that would have seen the end of the gifted programs and … Continue reading

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Parents advocate to save Vancouver gifted programs

There have been several public initiatives, at least, to address the proposed elimination of gifted programs in Vancouver School District. According to an article in Vancouver’s Metro free paper, parents of gifted held a rally at Vancouver Technical School on … Continue reading

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Will Vancouver cut gifted programs?

Vancouver School District brought forward its Preliminary Budget Proposals for 2016/2017  and there are recommendations that the programs for gifted children be cut. Taken directly from the budget proposals, here are the main points of two recommendations.  The first one is … Continue reading

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IEPs. Here today, gone tomorrow? Part I

One of the topics presented at the April 2nd conference hosted by BC Parents of Special Needs Children was “The ABCs of IEPs”.  The two presenters, teacher/parent Tina Patterson and parent advocate Dr. Sherri Brown went way beyond explaining the basics.  … Continue reading

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Reflections on GCABC/LMGC Conference

As my post of a few days ago announced, the Gifted Children’s Association of BC and the  Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts hosted a conference on Feb. 17th in Coquitlam. I attended, along with more than 100 parents and teachers, and … Continue reading

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Looking for Gifted Programs in School District 62 in BC

  As announced on the Events page, I am hosting a parent workshop on March 5th in School District 62.  As a result, I have been looking into what programs the district provides for students whose cognitive functioning exceeds the norm for their age … Continue reading

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Strategic Advocacy for Your Gifted Child

If you live in British Columbia’s Greater Victoria Region, join us on Saturday, March 5th, for a workshop that is designed to help parents become more strategic about advocating for children who are being described as gifted. The advocacy role is … Continue reading

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Fewer Gifted Children in BC?

I first started advocating for exceptionally bright children in Ontario in the early 1980s. Back then, there were new initiatives and funding to support the education of identified exception children. It soon became obvious, though, that if the school board … Continue reading

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Isolation Rooms in BC Schools

We want to believe that our schools look after our children as carefully as we look after them ourselves.  So the recent revelation about a “special-needs” child being placed in an Isolation Room comes as a shock. There is outrage and disgust. Visit our … Continue reading

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