Wondering what the school boards and the education ministry in BC have to say about gifted and talented children? Looking for policies from jurisdictions outside BC for comparison? This will be the place to find that information, although it will take time to find and include all relevant policies. We’ve started with the links below and you are invited to send suggestions to: information@giftedbc.ca

BC Ministry of Education Special Education Services

BC Ministry of Education Policy Manual [Note: Policies regarding gifted are mainly in Section E.4, p.53]

The policies around the division of British Columbia into school districts after 1871 are explained well in Wikipedia.  Although there is always some skepticism about using Wikipedia as a credible resource, the following information is validated elsewhere:

List of School Districts in British Columbia

Map of British Columbia School Districts

Posts About School Districts (Watch for your district or send questions to information@giftedbc.ca ):

Vancouver School District Budget Proposal 2016/2017
(with recommendations to eliminate gifted programs)