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What’s Happening on Vancouver Island?

That’s the question I asked when I met last weekend with a teacher employed by one of the Vancouver Island school districts.  It’s impossible to find anything about what we persist in calling “gifted education” from websites and school district … Continue reading

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Vancouver School Board Fired

Last May,  I wrote about the Vancouver School Board, and the news that it had rejected the budget. One of the reasons given for rejecting the budget was that it would have led to school closures and program cuts, including … Continue reading

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Vancouver Trustees Reject Budget

A short while ago, I posted a question: Will Vancouver cut gifted programs?  A dramatic “No”  came a few days ago when the Vancouver trustees refused to pass the budget that would have seen the end of the gifted programs and … Continue reading

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Will Vancouver cut gifted programs?

Vancouver School District brought forward its Preliminary Budget Proposals for 2016/2017  and there are recommendations that the programs for gifted children be cut. Taken directly from the budget proposals, here are the main points of two recommendations.  The first one is … Continue reading

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BC’s New Curriculum #4: Funding for special needs under new curriculum

The BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) has listed a number of concerns over the new curriculum. One of them relates to the funding for special needs students, and the BCTF website states: Support for special education [in the New Curriculum] remains a … Continue reading

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