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Are Gifted Classes Necessary?

That was the question asked and discussed in a segment on CBC radio on Nov. 4th.  It followed the proposal to cut classes for the Ottawa Carlton School Board. The arguments have been made before.  The main one centres on … Continue reading

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New School Year; New Curriculum

British Columbia children are back in school.  Teachers are back at work.  And I’m back to posting on this blog site. As my spring posted announced, I wanted to take a break to digest what I have been doing with … Continue reading

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Time to Read and Research

There is so much to discuss in relation to the education and well-being of children described as gifted. On this website, we have posted blog posts from September 2015 to May 2016, and covered a variety of topics. We hope … Continue reading

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Springtime Review of IEPs

This is the time of year when students are preparing for graduation.  Anticipation is also beginning to grow about the next school year.  And parents can play a role in preparing for next September by reviewing the existing IEP and … Continue reading

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Beyond Workshops

A wonderful group of parents gathered in Sidney on Saturday, to discuss advocacy for their children who are described as gifted. And actually their children had been labelled in many other ways too, demonstrating that gifted children are often “twice … Continue reading

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Advocacy Workshop on Saturday, April 23

I am hosting the next parent advocacy workshop this coming Saturday, and this time it will take place in Saanich School District. If you’re not sure where Saanich is, you may not be aware that you drive through it whenever … Continue reading

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Parents advocate to save Vancouver gifted programs

There have been several public initiatives, at least, to address the proposed elimination of gifted programs in Vancouver School District. According to an article in Vancouver’s Metro free paper, parents of gifted held a rally at Vancouver Technical School on … Continue reading

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Will Vancouver cut gifted programs?

Vancouver School District brought forward its Preliminary Budget Proposals for 2016/2017  and there are recommendations that the programs for gifted children be cut. Taken directly from the budget proposals, here are the main points of two recommendations.  The first one is … Continue reading

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Anxiety Seminar

Many parents of gifted children watch them experience anxiety.  There are many reasons, but often it is based on the realization that the cognitive development of children described as gifted is not in sync with their classmates of the same age. … Continue reading

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IEPs. Here today, gone tomorrow? Part II

Yesterday, I wrote about the excellent presentation on Individual Education Plans that I heard at the conference hosted by BC Parents of Special Needs Children. The facilitators provided a lot of tips for ensuring that the IEP process was responsive … Continue reading

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