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IEPs. Here today, gone tomorrow? Part I

One of the topics presented at the April 2nd conference hosted by BC Parents of Special Needs Children was “The ABCs of IEPs”.  The two presenters, teacher/parent Tina Patterson and parent advocate Dr. Sherri Brown went way beyond explaining the basics.  … Continue reading

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Do I Need to Advocate for a Gifted 3-Year-Old?

A parent phoned me a couple of weeks ago and asked me whether she should attend a workshop on advocating for her 3-year-old.  I said: No!  Here are my thoughts: Advocacy as defined on this site is speaking up on behalf … Continue reading

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Mystery and Mastery Models of Giftedness

The literature about giftedness is extensive and it’s hard to keep up with emerging theories. Being Smart About Gifted Education presents some ideas that are well worth looking into. In the revised, second version of this book, authors Drs. Donna … Continue reading

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Researching this thing called Giftedness

The “G” word is problematic.  It leads to labelling children, it raises the spectre of elitism, and it implies that highly able learners are all the same.  But it’s widely used and recognized and it appears repeatedly in government policy documents. What to … Continue reading

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