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AGM for GCABC on May 7th

The Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia is holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 7th at Choice School in Richmond, 1 – 4 pm. The GCABC has suffered a decline in its membership in recent years, so this is … Continue reading

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IEPs. Here today, gone tomorrow? Part II

Yesterday, I wrote about the excellent presentation on Individual Education Plans that I heard at the conference hosted by BC Parents of Special Needs Children. The facilitators provided a lot of tips for ensuring that the IEP process was responsive … Continue reading

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Special Needs Advocacy Conference, Sat. April 2nd

The conference on Advocating for Special Needs Children in BC Schools has been listed on our Events page for months, and it promises to be a remarkable event.  The last blog we posted on this site focussed on the importance of parents working … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts About Pre-School Advocacy

My last blog post questioned whether advocacy is necessary on behalf of happy, thriving pre-schoolers who are receiving a lot of enrichment from their teachers and parents. My conclusion was that if a child’s signs of giftedness are being recognized and accommodated, there … Continue reading

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What do parents want from a parent conference?

I left the Vancouver Island Parent Conference wondering why parents go to a parent conference about education. Perhaps things have changed for parents. Perhaps parenting nowadays means something different.  When my children were in school I wanted information and explanations. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Reflections on GCABC/LMGC Conference

As my post of a few days ago announced, the Gifted Children’s Association of BC and the  Lower Mainland Gifted Contacts hosted a conference on Feb. 17th in Coquitlam. I attended, along with more than 100 parents and teachers, and … Continue reading

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BC’s New Curriculum #4: Funding for special needs under new curriculum

The BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) has listed a number of concerns over the new curriculum. One of them relates to the funding for special needs students, and the BCTF website states: Support for special education [in the New Curriculum] remains a … Continue reading

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BC’s New Curriculum #3

Key elements of the new curriculum are the Core Competencies: Communication Thinking Creative Thinking Critical Thinking Personal and Social Positive Personal and Cultural Identity Personal Awareness and Responsibility Social Responsibility Profiles are provided to illustrate the competencies, and they show that … Continue reading

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BC New Curriculum #2: Anything new for Gifted?

Developing an entirely new curriculum for the entire province of British Columbia is quite an undertaking, and the government is to be applauded for such an enormous initiative. There are many, many documents which explain the redesign process and provide information for … Continue reading

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BC’s New Curriculum #1

This is the first post in a series of blogs about BC’s new curriculum.  Because of the significance of this development, posts will be frequent and will cover topics that show how the new curriculum with affect the learning of the gifted, talented, … Continue reading

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